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Originally Posted by Kubur
Don't worry about the comments above
It's normal to have an old barrel and a more recent stock.
These guns were used until the beginning of the 20th c.
Please, send us more shots of the barrel. Thanks!

Translates to { I presume. If I may be so presumptuous } , it normal in some parts of the modern commercial market for these to be old barrels & locks to be installed in brand new woodwork & brass work to relieve collectors of there hard earned {or inherited...} money.

Unless sold as modern rebuild using old barrel & lock...{ the wood worm & damp has eaten the stock while it was left rotting in a palace or armoury cellar for 150 years...}

Namaste Ibrahim! ! Its interesting you ay these wall guns were used in the early 20th century? What references are there for the 20th century use?

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