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Thank you so very much Jens for the kind words. It does seem (as once again, I have learned), there are certainly differences in the goals of individuals as we collect and often study these arms.

For me long ago, it became most important to study these weapons to learn their history, and indeed I spent often immeasurable time investigating, and gathering as much information as possible to learn all I could. By including this in admittedly long and detailed posts, I learned and wanted to share the information here, not only to benefit the archived material but to encourage the input and supported rebuttal of others This way not only those who participated would learn and revise material, but the huge volume of readers here would as well .

Having said that, I would very much like to return to this most interesting katar form and continue the valuable look into them. I think we have resolved that there are many avenues of perception in our way of looking at arms, and I look forward to seeing more entries, unconditionally

Thank you again !
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