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Originally Posted by trajan
but i do understand your point.

and as to the value of a simple picture --well it started this discussion on a thread that had languished since march...and now jens has shared enlightening information on this type of katar.

Again, well said, and indeed the immortal cliché' "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" certainly applies. To many the simple beauty of a well crafted and beautifully decorated weapon needs little explanation, and this speaks to them.
To a historian the beauty is of course notable, but pales in comparison to the historical significance of the piece. For me, my favorites have often been worn, patinated and sometimes damaged old arms which held so much history in their countenance....and to me were far more beautiful then the lavishly crafted arms of higher end collections.

As you have noted, the discussion has brought forward interest in these katars...which is really what is important.....and thank you for sharing your photos. It has been interesting as well to see different angles in the appreciation of these weapons.....and as I mentioned....I enjoy learning.
I did not know of the museums displaying works without identification, and that is also intriguing.

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