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bohmans picture some items in groups---auction lots 93, 94, and 95 are in that picture with the kutch exaample being 94 and the one i pictured.

thank you for your information--i appreciated it


Imagine a museum or collection of art works and sculptures with pieces displayed without notation. To admire a wonderful work and when wondering who it was by, and when, and to be told it doesn't matter, its just a beautiful piece. Art collectors, dealers, and museums typically work toward not only labeling, classifying and recording their holdings, and to their credit usually try to effect accuracy.

i dont have to imagine that at area of expertise is late 1st century roman sestertii--if you ever get to the museo national in Rome--you will find just that--a whole room of busts in a famous museum with no labels or anything just beauty..a scholar like i will be able to identify them.... but the average visitor will see only beauty.
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