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Thank you Teodor, but I do not mean to imply my standards should be followed by everyone. Though I admit to being a very serious student of arms, for me it is about learning, and the text I write is typically the result of the research I do. It is how I learn, and I enjoy sharing what I the same token, often I have misconstrued or misunderstood a thing and I look forward to the corrections..again I learn from the responses as well.

Without dialogue or words, there can be no interchange or result is what I am trying to say. Simply sharing pictures is fun, but not necessarily helpful to those of us hoping to develop an understanding of the arms being shared.
Even a few words with a picture offers a sense of courtesy even if not particularly detailed.

In many years even before computers, when someone asked for illustrations or copies of something, I would not send them these things simply stuffed in an envelope, but would add a note or few words concerning the subject.
It is well known that in these 'modern' times, we are losing conversational skills and basic courtesies in interaction with the impersonalities of texts etc. I guess I just am old fashioned and miss that touch.
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