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Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
Teodor, you know that isn't the case, but even a few descriptive words with a picture seems reasonable . I know that there are lots of collectors who have no interest in study of these arms, but even the most disinterested collectors want to at least label their acquisitions.


I appreciate the effort you have put in sharing your knowledge with the rest of us in this forum. It is safe to say, this place would not be what it is without you.

The standard you have set is very high and hard to match for many of us. I am sure all members here want to know as much as possible about their collections: otherwise they would not have registered in the first place.

Unfortunately, sometimes we just do not have anything we can add to a thread that has not been posted before in terms of information, but we may have an example that somewhat fits the thread and I personally do not see anything wrong with posting additional examples, even if they are not accompanied by additional information.

I hope this all makes sense.

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