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Hi Trajan,
Thanks for showing your katar.
I dont understand the Bonham link, not your fault, they show three katars - but they are from different places.
The one in the middle is a so called Garsoe katar, and is said to be from Sind maybe Kutch. The two other katars are not from there, they are from South India or maybe from Deccan - more likely South India.

The attached is small, but very sturdy, and have a number of cross bars. Victoria & Albert Museum has one like it (a bit different in the middle of the blade), but it is quite plain, with no gold decoration at all.

I have not researched them yet, but to my oppinion they are from Rajasthan and 18th century - if they are not tourist pieces that is.
Most of them have slim, but very sturdy blades with deep fullers, but you can also see them with broader blades.

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