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Originally Posted by E.B. Erickson
I remembered another example of those German baskets with a non-conical pommel.

For a discussion of this sword, and related German baskets (which the owner of the site wants to call Schiavona!), see:!/2014/08/the-schiavona-circa-1560-once-in-museum.html

The site referenced above also has some discussions on Scottish and English baskets, and is pretty good as far as the information on specific swords go.

Thanks very much for the helpful routing and excellent example. It does seem the character of the components and structure resemble those of schiavona, and the pommel recalls German basket types as noted.

While this of course seeks the development of early schiavona perhaps with German influence and through the Hungarian channels......there is always the older ideas of 'schiavona' influence in the Scottish basket hilt.

I always look forward to your views, in addition to the always helpful links and images.
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