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Default Scottish Blade with numerous armourors marks!

Scottish Blade with numerous armourers marks!

Hi Jim, did you miss the sword I just posted #106. I put this up deliberately for those that get excited about sword blades and armourers marks as this one is covered in them. The last one I am still yet to identify.

The Irish sword comment is clearly explained by:

“by the last years of the sixteenth century, these basket hilts had begun to become associated with the Highland Scots and the Irish. This was probably because many of the Highland Chiefs had holdings in Ulster, and in the Irish wars of Queen Elizabeth’s time there were many Highland mercenaries in Ireland. Whatever the reason, these hilts became known as ‘Irish hilts’ in the early years of the seventeenth century.”

Surely someone there has a comment on the last marking I posted; I will repost all of the pictures now.

Cheers Cathey and Rex
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