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wow thanks very interesting information..

do you have any images or reconstructions of the polish club..

it seems a very specific process to make a clube for them to select a saplingand then insert the flint and wait some year and gather clubs.

i would presume there was quite some culture around the production of such clubs as it is far more time consuming than making a spear or sword or simple iron mace.. considering the aging time once cut.. id think it would be about 4-5years or so form the time they put the flint in till when they have a club,

most interesting i wounder if the large knobs on the medival war clubs are all caused by flint shards.. i would be tempted to x-ray one to find out if i hade access to them (although i suspect most you see in castles are modern reproductions or form later eras 1600s ect. pesants weapons make in emergency...??

about the cossack club!!

thanksdidnt know this very intereting to see as well looks the same as an east african ringu club...
i wounder if these were typically thrown .. as this shape works best as a throwing club.
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