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yeah i have seen many war clubs i museums or pole clubs or what is the technical term.. clubs with a spiked tip and length of 5 feet or more and inron sikes..
really weponry for smashing armored persons . you can seen in cenrtal europe in museums some good examples of these battle clubs i guess poor guns would be given such stuff and to behones the weight of them and the steel spikes they would work just fine..
i know the japanese had a similar weapon.. but the japanese also made small single handed ones for persons to use for self defence..

in the picute of tribal by combat in the links in my post above i clearly shows a style of club that more like some sort of aboriginal or polyneisan club than your typical european weapon.. more specalised as a club for single handed use..

in the image some times to looks to be slimmer and edged or rounded hard to say.. but it is most interesting a weapon..

i wounder in anyone else has more pictures of this weapon..
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