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Default medieval clubs?

i am interested in information about different patterns of club used in europe actually then or before or after..

typically in depicitions you see only the stereotypical studded or spiked knobbed wooden clubs .. giant weapons specifically for warfare. but i wonder what other styles exist.

i have seen images showing edged clubs some what like those of tonga or samoa being used in a image of trial by combat.

there seems in these images a clear specific style of pointed bladed club used.

and also seen images if woodcuts showing throwing clubs used by people for sport ..
there is even a specific type of small club named cokstele for cock throwing .. such a name it had.. indeed..
ive never seen a good depiction of one and only ever seen them refered as a weighted stick..

has anyone have better images of such clubs or other information..

id say outside of this the shillelagh has to be a good example of a european rootball club... as older ones ive seen are all clearly rootballs and heavy weapons not walking sticks..

i wounder if there was anyother clubs or club like weapons than lingered onin european culture ...
i supposethe flexabe cosh type weapons may be examples.. to a degree..
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