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Exclamation Not necessarily so

Originally Posted by Matchlock
No, Nando, my dear friend,
I'm afraid we can't ...

Sure we can, dear Michl, as sure we should .
There certainly are a thousand more appropriate ways to opine on the forum 'logo' before we call it ridiculous.
... Ridiculous looks the King when he walks naked without noticing .

Originally Posted by Matchlock
No, seriously: many people I know are shocked by that horrible "logo" of official identification of our forum ...

I ignore the amplitude that your census embraces when you quote 'many people' but, remember, this European is born a subsidiary of an Ethnographic main forum, and certainly there are 'many more people' who bear quite well with this logo. Perhaps for them that nice kaskara is not so horrible ... at all .

Originally Posted by Matchlock
... it does not add in the least to the strictly academical standard that we are trying to achieve here.:

I wouldn't take it for granted that, the 'strictly academical' standard 'you' are trying to achieve is something 'we' all others aim for. Don't let it look like a rule that an academical degree is the demand for participating in the forum. There is a lot of place in here for people aiming to less pompous ranks; let's not scared them off .

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