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Hello everyone! Now i'm attenpting to make something like replica of this gun, and I've met a dilemma concerning its colour. It is obviously seen that under a layer of green paint there is dark wood toning. I wonder whether it might be an original stock colour, and paint layer is just more recent, like in Vienna museum, or the wooden surface could be treated to such tone under exposure of oil (or somewhat other) paint.

This is the only stock I found that is painted in such a bright colour, and i've found pretty few images showing coloured guns - all from "Bartholomaeus Freysleben: Inventarium über Büchsen und Zeug im Kaiserreich zur Zeit Maximilians I. Innsbruck 1495-1500."

Maybe you could help me to determine whether to paint the stock green or just to tone it dark.

Thank for attention. If it is interesting, I'll show photos of my replica after I'll finish
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