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Two more Saxon samples, ca. 1585-1600, the wrought iron mounts etched and the central plate of engraved silver - corresponding to the en suite style of the pommel plates of the pair of wheellock puffers and the silver mounts of patrons/cartridge boxes, all forming a complete set for a guardsman of the Electors of Saxony.
The pearwood body of the first specimen is carved with the guardsman's monogram.
Note that even the rings for the suspension cord are etched.
Diameter 8 cm.

The first item went quite cheap for the overall surface of the nubby pearwood was quite worn, and far from its original crispness. Also, the stippled ground of the etching hardly retained some of its former blackening, for contrast to the raised surface polished bright.
When it comes to collecting and to money, condition is what counts.

The perfectly crisp condition of the second flask, from the same series, makes all the difference; nevertheless, it failed to sell.

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