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A very unusual combined cartridge box/patron and powder flask, and with an addintional small compartment of unknown purpose, possibly for a worm and scourer for cleaning and clearing the barrel. The 9 tubes for paper cartridges are of tinned iron.
Probably ca. 1560-80, in the Landeszeughaus Graz, 546/7.

The two bottom atts. depict a paper cartridge in the Graz arsenal, recovered from the barrel of alate 17th century flintlock musket!

All color scans from Robert Brooker: Eine Radschoß-Sammlung - A Wheellock Collection. Graz, 2008;
the b/w scans from Peter Krenn: Die Handfeuerwaffen des österreichischen Soldaten. Graz, 1986;
the three color photos copyrighted by the author, 1986.


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