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An early sample of a patron/cartridge box, ca. 1560-65, is in the reserve colletion of the Metroplitan Museum of Art, N.Y.,
see top two attachments.

Its edged construction is similar to the finely etched sample shown in post #42.

The following b/w
att. is a scan of an old photograph showing various types of patrons and a round flask, from the 1560's to the 1580's, from the collections of the Historisches Museum Dresden, the Rüstkammer.

Re-attached find a third sample from that Nuremberg made group of patrons, all of them ca. 1560, is in the Musée de l'Armée, Paris; with its etched and fire-gilt decoration it is the finest known. It is also important for historic weaponry because it is dated 1559; M 21138 - cf. post #14.

The bottom att.
presents a but finely etched and edged patron of ca. 1550 in the Bargello, Firenze, from post #42, similar to the one in att.#1.

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