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In the Landeszeughaus Graz is an exact equivalent to the cartrigde box in the author's collection discussed in thread #10.
It shows the very same decoration with tiny star-shaped brass nails encircling the bone inlays. On almost other patrons from the same series delivered to the Graz arsenal, there are no nails.

It is the author's thesis is that the ones with the additional star-shaped nails were for officers.

Unlike the dating Robert Brooker suggested - ca. 1580-90 - the Graz arsenal records prove that this group of cartridge boxes definitely was part of the Nuremberg deliveries in 1577-78, so an exact date of two years is provided.

Scans are from Robert Brooker: Eine Radschloss-Sammung/A Wheellock Collection, Graz, 2007.


- the patron in the author's collection

- the equivalent in the Landeszeughaus Graz

Both came from the same series delivered to the Graz armory from Nuremberg in 1577-78, together with
wheellock puffers and other pieces of accouterment.

For some precious Saxon powder flasks, please see:

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