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Yes Ian, you're right:- there needs to be a common language, and if that common language includes words from a foreign language, it probably doesn't matter.

Provided that collectors as a whole recognise that the names they use for these ethnographic things are their own names, not necessarily the names that are used in the societies of origin of the things so named.

With keris its a pretty similar thing. When Ensiklopedi (second edition) came out many people commented that a lot of the names used for various things included in the work were very puzzling and probably incorrect, but the book did provide terms of reference that everybody could use to communicate.

I personally like the idea of naming weaponry with an alpha-numeric system. Maybe a latter day Stone will do that some day.


Re the Kabui dao.

My Rawson is a 1969, ARCO, New York edition.

Plate 36 has the Kabui dao shown, but it is nothing like Dave's thing.
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