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Hi Marcus,

A few points, there are a number of sub types within this general family of "skull crusher" pommeled swords and daggers.

It's always great to get "on the ground" information from someone in the area. These could well be Daza, although the Daza are a sub group within the Tebu along with the Teda.

Similar swords can be found in North Cameroon as well.

The large midrib is a design choice that makes quite a bit of sense (and not present on the daggers) due to the length of these swords. In a way both the daggers and the swords follow a similar design thesis to the Roman gladius and spatha. The latter of course being for cavalry use typically.

I suspect much the same for these long Chadic swords. The Teda and Daza both have long equestrian traditions. They are nice looking things, I use to have one myself which I've attached.
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