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Kai, Australia's early cane field workers were Melanesians. Essentially they were slaves. Young men and women were kidnapped, either by guile or by force and taken to work in the Queensland cane fields.

The practice was known as "blackbirding". It was a bloody disgrace.

But the upside is that the descendants of these people have produced some brilliant brilliant footballers.

Maybe the Australian Rugby League and Rugby Union should make ongoing donations to the Solomon Islands, and the other places that the ancestors of their best players came from.

Anyway, back to the knife.

Chisel grind?

Hook forms a hand-stop on the blunt back edge.

This design would be perfect for splitting bambu.

No, of course it is not any sort of chopper, let alone a cane chopper. No ferrule on a wooden handle and with a longish blade? How long would that stay in one piece if it was used to chop anything?
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