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Question Possible mystery - first clue

Hello all,

I have recently obtained a very interesting sword from a fellow forum dweller who is also a respected dealer. Let's call him "FFD" for now. The sword in question has what would seem like a solid identification from a respected previous owner (who indeed was so certain that he published it). However, FFD and I agree that the features don't seem to match. So what is it?

So as not to prejudice the investigation or produce a hasty conclusion, I will reveal the clues one by one.

Here is the first clue: the pommel. It is a hard wood with a deep brown-red color, lacquered. (The entire hilt, long enough for two hands, is the same and of a single piece.) The shape of the pommel is an elongated cone, at the base of which the shape is a reverse truncated cone that leads to the hilt grip proper. See the attached photo.

Anyone recognize this shape pommel?

Best Regards,

Dave A.
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