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Another highly decorated hemispherical Saxon flask, dated 1584 and representing the second highest level of quality: the pear wood body inlaid in the same manner as the flask discussed in the first post but the top mounts and the top rings for a suspension cord all consisting of etched iron, the front plaque - corresponding to the central pommel plate of the respective puffers - of embossed silver; the pistol stocks were inlaid en suite.
Rüstkammer Dresden, the former Saxon Royal Collections.

The images attached below were retrieved from a Durch dealer's site, Bolk, in 2010; they depict a Saxon puffer, dated 1587, the stock inlaid in the manner of Klaus Hirt von Wasungen but with no original staining left, and all the bluing gone from the lock and barrel.
Please note that large areas of the wood - possibly cherry - are left undecorated on the forestock - cf. post #1 - and that the iron hook on the left side is NOT a "belt" hook but a holster hook: the pistol was carried in the holster with the hook pressing against the outside of the leather, securing a tight hold.
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