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I dont know if this will help anyone, but I resently read in a Danish net paper that they have started to use 'DNA marking'. They seem to be using this special kind of marking in Sweden and in the UK, and the ones with stickers that they had 'DNA marked' on doors and windows hardly had a break ins, compared to the ones not having the sticker, there the break ins were the same rate as usual.
You contact a security firm delivering this kind of service, and you get/buy a spray, with which you spray your valuables. A contract seems to last about five years. The first year it costs about $100 and the following years about $50.
The 'DNA spray' can only be seen in UW light, and it is unique to the spray bottle used. So if the police find stolen goods at three different addresses, they know that they belong to the same theft. The police then contacts the security firm, and is told who the owner is.
If this is used by the pilice and the customs it could stop a number of thefts.
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