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very strange that no one responds to this thread on a forum that addresses !!!

I'm more at home in Swords between 1000-1600, but I will make an attempt.

the sword is of Petersen type M and wheeler type I.
this type can be dated between the middle of the ninth century and the middle of the tenth century.

it is after Petersen type H the most common sword type of the Viking Age.
The origin is probably eastern norway, here are most specimens recorded found.
Petersen describes that 198 specimens have been found in Norway, only 2 of them were pattern welded. CF swords of the viking age page 84.
so your sword is rare.

The blade corresponds to Geibig's classification type 1. (Chronology and principal styles of double-edged sword blades of the Viking age.)
and corresponds to the period of sword, the ninth century, I do not expect the blade to be much older, but it can be.

about the authenticity of this sword unfortunately I can not say anything meaningful based on the pictures alone.

hope it helps.

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