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Default Downloadable books/articles

As time goes on, more and more publications are digitised and become freely (and legitimately) available online. Not finding any threads dedicated to listing such resources, here are some, courtesy of the Smithsonian:

The corrugation in African sword blades and other weapons
Hough, Walter
Date: 1889

A study of the boomerang
Eggers, H.
Date: 1889

Distribution and use of slings in pre-Columbian America, with descriptive catalogue of ancient Peruvian slings in the United States National Museum
Means, Philip Ainsworth
Date: 1919

The Long Sword and Scabbard Slide in Asia
Trousdale, William
Date: 1975-05-08

The Collection of Primitive Weapons and Armor of the Philippine Islands in the United States National Museum
Krieger, Herbert W.
Date: 1926
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