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Default Ilocano Wavy Bladed Sword

Greetings folks!

Here is a wavy bladed Ilocano bolo. The blade is mono steel and its tang goes through the hilt with a silver round nut at the end.

The hilt is in two pieces, both well and intricately carved in floral designs. At the place where the two pieces meet and at the base of the blade are rings of silver. Along the top and bottom of the hilt are strips of plain silver (I repaired some of it ) which goes around the entire hilt. Bronze that was once silvered is what makes the guard.

There is a scabbard/sheath that is made of pierced thick leather (broken with a missing section) that has bronze for top and bottom chapes. Something was held in place in the middle of the top chape, but I don't know what it was (a triangle, 3 stars, and a sun face?).

Any help and comment would be helpful and enjoy!
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