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Default My gunong collection and some thoughts

Ian has recently asked in a other thread why and what we collect. I have given the answer in his thread already but here some deeper aspects. By threads in this forum, special by threads from Steve Ferguson I get interest for this beautiful daggers. I asked myself some time ago if I should collect only the old/antique ones but decided to collect all which was made for real use. Some interesting pieces I have to let go, by some I was outbid, others has been to expensiv, one very intersting piece get confiscated by german customs. I will show my collection piece by piece, my thoughts about them and what I think about the age. Some of them was discussed before, I will post the links. It is interesting to see how this daggers has looked in different times. In my opinion are the newer pieces also very worthy for a collection as long as they worked for real use, here two threads where I have shown two very interesting gunongs, not antique but worked for use: & Both are worth to enter a gunong collection.
This interesting gunong get confiscated by german customs because the seller write on the custom declaration "bear tooth handle": , a very interesting piece IMHO.
Here an very informative link:
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