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Originally Posted by Spiridonov
Hello, Michael! My Dear Friend, thank You for sharing this. It's especially precious that You show us disassembled parts of arquebuses and inner surfaces of locks. Usually we can see only exterior and it doesn't give us complete information.

Hello Alexender,
My dear friend!

I knew right from the start that you would appreciate this important little extra information I tried to convey posting these images.

Unfortunately, they a are of much worse quality than the ones I usually take; I had to employ a digital camera that beloged to the firm my friend works for - and that thing was set to only a minimum rate of resolution. So each image was less than 50 kB, which is literally ridiculous, just nothing!
My own camera is set to a minimum of 4 MB for each picture ...

Anyway, I tried to make the best out of those 'photos' by photoshopping.

Best as ever,
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