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Originally Posted by Shakethetrees

This is the one I mentioned earlier.

Originally Posted by Matchlock
This, I am afraid, is another topic rarely ever paid attention to.

I wish to present a few items from my collection, togehter with others.

I can only bring forward one single sample of a late 15th/early 16th century wrought iron mold for casting balls for wall pieces and haquebuts. It is of impressive dimensions and shows the same roughly hammered surface as most iron haquebut barrels do. Its weight is almost 2 kg and its caliber 31 mm.

There are also stylistic reasons for dating this mould: one of the handles of a pair of pliers in the Maximilian Arsenal Books of ca. 1507, as well as the trigger of a beautiful Late Gothic crossbow in the collection of a friend of mine, show the same curved back form as my mould does.

Of course, this is a pair of pliers.
All I added that contemporary source of illustration for, was for stylistic and formal comparison of the lengthend lower handle bent backwards, to ensure a safer hold for four fingers; just like the long tiller trigger/trigger bar of the Late-Gotic crossbow of ca. 1500 attatted here.

I was hoping my arguments on these items that are extremely hard to define, would be read, and considered, more carefully ...

For more on Gothic crossbows and accouterments, please see my threads

Thanks for noting,
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