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Hi Shakethetrees,

Thank you so much for your compliments!
When reading some of my threads will tell you more about me and my collection; just click on my user name Matchlock will to see my profile, and search or all my threads.

I am most curious to learn about the length, width and weight of your detached breech/chamber for a breechloading piece.
BTW, which of these terms do you prefer?

Should ever consider selling it, I would be glad to integrate it with my collection! I am sure we would find a way to manage that.
So please do keep me updated.

May I ask for good quality hi-rez photos of that item, at least 4 MB each, and zooming up on details such as

- the cross in high relief, and close-ups of the punched circles
- the muzzle flat gazing right at you
- a view of the muzzle, slightly slanted
- a few views of the bore, and all down to the bottom
(please take all the images in broad daylight but in the shade, not in sunshine, and use the flash additionally)

I sent you a PM!

Best for the moment being,
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