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Thank you for your insight. As a new member of this forum, I am truly amazed at the breadth and depth of the knowledge that is out there!

Here in the US, we don't often get to see the very early weapons and accouterments that are a regular feature here.

I bought this along with another bronze mortar (18th century) of the typical noisemaker form, tapered along its length, a small tray or trough holding the priming powder, etc. I've seen dozens of them if not more over the forty odd years I've been interested in firearms. (It was traded away in a complex deal, the details of which I do not remember right now.)

I kept this one because of the different form; not tapered, mostly cylindrical, reinforces at the muzzle and breech, no pan or tray for the priming, a rounded "crown" to the muzzle, and, of course, the large iron nail. In essence, different from all other mortar/noisemakers that I have seen.

You've got quite a collection! Thank you again for your keen insight.
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