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Default Mexican/Spanish colonial spear points

There is a very distinct sort of spear point that I see offered for sale fairly commonly that is usually described as a presidio lancepoint.
These are usually rather small, about six inches (15.24 CM) at the minimum and at most about twice that. Some quite crude with sockets barely closed but others much more finely forged, often with decoration filed into the blade, the smaller here portrayed being the typical style.
I am curious if anyone has any factual information on them and how they were used, outwardly they most resemble a pike point but they could be from a lance or even a javelin. I was of the opinion for a while that they may be butt spikes from the other end of the spear but they seem to be much more common than other spear points so that seems less likely.

I know that when U.S troops first moved into California and faced the local militias the lance seemed to be a primary Californio weapon so that seems the most likely but I have not seen any of the square bladed points in any of the few books I have seen on the subject.
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