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- ... close-ups of my long and higly elegant marksman's wheellock musket, Augsburg, in the Italian manner, ca. 1590; note that the original ash wood ramrod is fitted with an iron finial to either end: the one at the fore end reflecting the bulbous style of the muzzle section whereas the longer, rearward finial is internally threaded for a worm or scourer:

- two photos I took of a heap of long guns and pikes at the arms depot of the Fortress Hohensalzburg, Salzburg, Austria, all ready to be deaccessioned; 8 Nov 1987

- three photos of a Thirty Years War musket rest, the fir wood haft characteristically painted red, and with the iron parts retaining all of their original blackened finish; together with many similar specimens, it was removed retaining its Salzburg brass inventory tag shortly after I photographed it on 8 Nov 1987

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