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Hi Marcus,

Actually, the owner of this collection of 14th to early 16th century crossbows and accouterments both as highly specific as important has been one of my closest friends for more than two decades. Without his continuous personal private support I would probably not have been able to carry on.
He is an extremely nice person, and so is his family; I feel gratefully rewarded for counting them among my dearest friends.

He insists on stating that he has always regarded me as his teacher, for 'implanting' in his mind the idea of setting up strict criteria for collecting before purchasing the first item - and consequently sticking to them until ... you draw your terminal breath ... (quote from the Monty Pythons movie The Life of Brian, 1979).
character is both sensitive and reserved, which I respect at least as much as I admire it - given my extrovert Landsknecht nature ...

About a quarter of a century ago, he started acquiring every single crossbow related item I held - which was exactly what I was hoping for. Having amassed numerous finest preserved items, I finally came to realize that I would not be able to keep pulling the trigger all the way - metaphorically speaking for pursuing collecting crossbows and firearms, and all of them in optimum possible state of preservation.
This saying seems so fitting in its way, and with regard to my aiming at strictly collecting earliest firearms related items.

Anyway, I will soon post his wellfounded thesis on those dot markings found center-punched on the teeth of the toothed bars of many cranequins dating from the first half of the 16th century.


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