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Norman and Ibrahiim, thank you for the kind words !!
I am warned by my wife that any more books in this thing will require much heavier springs!!
My hope is that others will be joining in here quid pro quo....I add whatever I can find in order to share as much as I can and there are so many other references out there I don't have here. That's why I implore others who have them to check them and add their notes.

On the Scot/French situation. While that was of course a well established alliance and the French language was well spoken in Scotland, the deal with these fleur de lis markings on these basket hilt swords I think not really applicable. These were English blades on British dragoon swords which were typically from Birmingham, and there mostly from Germany (though these FDL blades are still undetermined) .
I am beginning to wonder if these fleur de lis blades might have been from St. Etienne? There seem to be a good number found in French mounts, more than I had thought.
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