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Hi Jim,
Many thanks as usual for your keen interest and interesting comments. This fleur de lys mark appears to be evident on quite a few differing styles of weapons and on that note do you, or anyone else, have a copy of the American Sword 1775-1945 by Petersen. On page 48 item no 45 is a cutlass which according to the text has a fleur de lys blade mark. I would be grateful if anyone has a copy of this book could they please have a look at this cutlass and if this mark is visible in the hard copy could they post an image of it here, the copy I looked at on the net was very unclear with regard to detail. Once again Jim thanks for your interest, perhaps you could have a look at No2 and give me your impressions.
My Regards,

P.S. This one has a few edge nicks which obviously begs the question, 'was this used only for hunting or ?'. A question which is guaranteed to remain unresolved.
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