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Originally Posted by fernando
... Up to today, when the most varied multiple sail rigs, cutters, schooners, barques, barquentines, brigs, etc. do not reject the presence of lateen sails in their rig and... just in case, an auxiliary motor .


I think the whole subject of naval warfare in the region is very interesting deserving further research and perhaps a dedicated thread although I very much like discussing it floating fortresses.. tandem with Forts and Cannon of Oman... Either way it is a great subject..

I would like to return to Sohar Fort since I have captured a few more pictures of the damage now being repaired by a specialist team and to illustrate the size of the problem caused mainly by rain...and unseen until the thick coating of whitewash was removed. The temperature was about 50 degrees, thus, solar degradation is a problem and at about 50 paces from the Ocean salinity also plays a part.The reapplication of a modern concrete crenelation along the top of the ramparts is deliberate and in an attempt to halt water seepage into the main walls ( and its devastating results ) during rain storms. Similar work has had good results in Forts in the UAE.
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