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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
... Timmer or timmur is dates whilst the tree is the Nakhl (date palm tree) The traditional old greeting in our Oasis ... Buraimi... is Kayf Haalaq ?...How are you ?...or how is your health?......Reply... Foq'l Nakhl ...Up a palm tree !!.

Ah, words and languages .
Could it be that timmer or timmur is Gulf Arabic ? .
My sources are more fluent in Moroccan Arabic ; you know Morocco is just across the Straight of Gibraltar(Being there a few times). My dictionary says tamara derives from the Arabic tamr„.

Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
... ... and Dhow yard... traditional floating forts like these have been built here for generations and with the quick lanteen sails they were fast in the water(and quick to turn) and their low draft enabled them to navigate in shallow water.

The great Dhow, the Persian Gulf version of the Indian Pangaio, a ship built in a way to last sometimes 90 years, ten times more than Portuguese Caravelas and Naus (carracks), using the lapes or galagala, a special bitumen that protected its hul and sub-hull against wear and even small artillery. Its triangular sail (Bastard in the Gulf and Latin in the Mediterranean), together with lots of knowledge in the art of sailing were the greatest resource for Western maritime evolution. A lot of techniques used in the discoveries period by Portuguese evoluted from Arab Muslim navigation expertise.

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