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Originally Posted by fernando
So they call it asal, a sticky, boiling brew made from dates (quote).
I am starting to realize that the slot idea, contrary to the round holes system, is an Omani exclusive.
My wife loves tamaras, as we call them here; for some reason the term derives from the arab tamar ( التمر )

Timmer or timmur is dates whilst the tree is the Nakhl (date palm tree) The traditional old greeting in our Oasis ... Buraimi... is Kayf Haalaq ?...How are you ?...or how is your health?......Reply... Foq'l Nakhl ...Up a palm tree !!

Asel is usually reserved for honey..though also used for boiling hot dates(asel-timmer) though "dhips" is another term...
Either way the recipient is scalded in boiling oil. Medaeval napalm!!

Meanwhile I was passing the seaport and fishing harbour of with its expanding industrial port and took a picture of one of its Forts ... and Dhow yard... traditional floating forts like these have been built here for generations and with the quick lanteen sails they were fast in the water(and quick to turn) and their low draft enabled them to navigate in shallow water.
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