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Originally Posted by fernando
Some authors beleive that Cristovão de Mendonça, who was Captain of the Ormuz fort as from 1523, would have built a fort in Mazirah. The ruins of this fort are situated near a (copper?) mine and it is thought that Cristovão de Mendonça was involved in its exploration.
Meanwhile, browsing the Web on these matters i have learnt that a person who is able to expand in this issue of possible traces of Portuguese presence in Oman is Professor Mohamed Said Nasser Al-Wahaibi, responsible for the Department of History of the Ministery of Culture and Patrimony of Oman. This eminent Cathedratic has been twice in Portugal, organizing Omani seminars and is acquainted with local scholars. He is said to have been impressed with the quantity of documentation he found in Lisbon National Archives.

Salaams ...Yes I saw the various websites on the subject ... and a good wikepedia reference at

Interesting that modern adendum to ancient forts always incude such objects as chimneys, aeriels, lamp posts and road signs!! It seems to be a modern disease. I hope you are spared the gigantic, pink, tailors shops....

Below ~ I am back into Barka fort to shoot more cannon...I wish ! but for now only with a camera. The fat boys (bigger barrels ) are from 3 British barrel makers; Monks~ Dondas ~Armstrong . Both Monks and Dondas fire a 32 pound ball and barrels weigh 2 and 2 and a half tons.

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