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I would be amazed if al Hazm can beat that !

In terms of Portuguese Forts in Oman I believe the situation is blurred by terminology; Someone may have noted that there are a lot of forts in Oman which originate as Portuguese design, influence or creation. What I think has transpired is a perception that this meant a lot of the 1000 or so Forts were Portuguese...when in fact there are perhaps 12...all on the coast. Portugal had no reason to build other than on coastal sites thus no inland forts exist. To some people 12 is quite a lot of forts...but compared to the 1000 or so, numerically, it is but a few. Thus the mis quote that only a few forts are Portuguese. Here are the maps..How that became interpretted as only Mirani and Jelali plus the turrets at Muttrah I have no idea...
Once I can get into al Hazm I will take the pictures of their Iberian Cannon... which apparently are very impressive. It would indeed be incredible if the number and quality were of equal or superior to those you display.

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