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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
... Dr Roads believes that Oman has an amazing collection of muzzle-loading cannons and carriages from more than ten countries. “There are 27 different carriages at Barka Castle and Al Hazm Fort and there are plans to add another six. With Iberian cannon and carriages, the variety in Al Hazm far exceeds those existing in Spain and Portugal combined together.” "Unquote...

As i said before, i had the oportunity (previlege) to follow (from here) the works in Al Hazm back in 2005. I am aware that Dr. Roads is an expert of international recognition.
One may also ponder on the interpretation of determined afirmations, which either go together with a certain context or are brought to paper by the free hand of the Media.
I absolutely accept that the collection in Al Hazm is imense but (and) take in consideration the term variety ... which is not necessarily quantity.
I say this because the collection of bronze cannons in the Portuguese Military Museum is said to be unpaired (uncomparable) in the world. Then again, this may refer to variety, or and quantity ... or uniqueness.
From primitive cannons (trons) made in 1382 and early pieces made between 1370-1495, to regular examples cast during the realm of sixteen different Kings (1495-1908), adding those made overseas and also from foreign countries, is something worth to see ... if ever you come around.
And, if we consider that Spain, for one, was a greater might in the area, one may guess how great and varied must be their cannon collections.
I sincerely hope you don't mind my diverting from the thread topic which is Oman forts and cannons but, one gets excited and is difficult to keep this type of things severely restricted.
A couple images from the Museum, arranged without any quality.

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