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Originally Posted by Itaca
Hi friends you compliment for the pieces that you have....
I believe that this is the correct topic for this reed of mine.

Do you think that it is of 1700 1800?
Do I believe that it misses the final part of the reed that was circular perhaps correct?
Total length 24 cms.
I calibrate inside (muzle) 1,3 / 1,4 cms.
Octagonal section.
Opposite extremity to the mouth 3 / 3,2 cms.
The space to entertain a settled handle is long 1,4 cms. and it is found in the right side.

Can you tell me more?
You excuse for mine bad English

Hi Itaca,

Sorry for replying so late but it was only this morning that I noticed you query.

First of all, don't wory about your command of English; being not a native English speaker myself, I perfectly understand what you wished me to do.
Just one little hint: by 'reed' you obviously mean 'barrel'; that's the correct term for your item in question.

I photoshopped your - sadly very dark - photos a bit and reattached them.
I guess the overall length of that barrel is 42 cm, rather than 24?
If it were German made I would say it is the barrel from a mid-16th century (ca. 1540-60) wheellock arquebus or long pistol; the touch hole is clearly visible, and as there a no traces of a formerly dovetailed pan it cannot have been a matchlock barrel.
But it was definitely altered within its working life, which may have lasted as long as the 18th century: the original long rear barrel tang and the originally dovetailed rear sight are now missing; the dovetailing is still visible. The short, pronouncedly rounded muzzle section is normally not found on barrels after ca. 1600.

To convey a rough idea of what the complete short arquebus/long saddle pistol might have looked like, I attached a photo of an originally preserved wheellock arquebus/pistol dated 1547, in the Real Armerķa Madrid.

Where was you barrel excavated or where did it come from?

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