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Salaams all ! In answer to my own querries above~


The earlier of the two daggers The Muscat / The Royal Omani sa'idiyyah khanjar appeared in that order. The second was designed by a previous Sultans wife the infamous Sheherezad. A Persian Princess. It is known that the only part of the design that was changed was the Hilt... The rest of it is as per the Muscat Khanjar WHICH HAD 7 RINGS...thus the two are linked both in place and in design. She also designed the Royal Turban and Camerbund.

The guestimate on date is around 1840/1850.

Regarding the Habaabi weapon which is almost identical to THE MUSCAT KHANJAR it is considered that the name Abha is the city name central to that region of which Jazan is the Red Sea Port. Abha... or items eminating from it...are called 'Abhaabi or Habaabi. (probably the correct pronunciation is aspirated like habhaabi but I will avoid that )
The region as you may discover at the maps below has a Yemeni feel to it since it was Yemen before about 1920..1923...The weapon clearly emigrated into the area since it was on the main Muscat-Zanzibar trade route. Slight variations were made but essentially it is the same weapon...You could say slightly hybridised even...

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