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Default The HERMITAGE MACE in St. Petersburg, ca. 1540

As I wrote in post #19, this is the only known exact counterpart worldwide to my MEYRICK MACE.
It retains its holster/saddle hook, the full-length rear tiller stock drilled out to receive the wooden ramrod, and the sliding wooden covers for the touch holes, but the iron top lid covering the muzzles of the four barrels and the two rows of iron spikes are missing from the HERMITAGE MACE.
It measures 75.5 cm overall, the barrels 25 cm long, the bore 11.2 mm.

Leonid Tarassuk: Antique European and American Firearms at The Hermitage Museum, 1971, pl. IV, no. 396.

For the date assigned by Tarassuk, please see my comments in post #19ff.
Tarassuk was exactly right, calling the hook a 'saddle hook'.

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