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Zanzibari metalwork.. I have five examples of Zanzibari Metalwork viz;

1. Carved door accoutrements; clasps, hinges and spiggots.
2. Chests.
3. Combs.
4. Terrs Shields.
5. Nimcha; The form most directly attributable is the Ivory and Gold Hilted style.

Terrs shield metalwork, though, tentative is suggestive of the decorative angular / geometric style of the strap atop the Nimcha.

The comb proves the link to gold and Ivory Zanzibari style of decoration.

Finally; the strap (usually silver) on the Pommel top;
Note that the strap also occurs on the Ivory and Gold at # 1 and below though it is difficult to see..This in its own right virtually assures that the odd pommel strap of geometric scorpion style is Zanzibari. If the Golden Ivory hilt is Zanzibari the Rosewood/dark horn version hilt must also be, since it too carries the same Pommel top decoration... Unless unfinished hilt and blades were shipped off somewhere to be fitted with the scorpion device... It, thus, must be a wholly Zanzibari Hilt...In fact the scorpion device is a marker for such weapons !!

Therefor the geometric "scorpion" shape atop all "Zanzibari Nimcha" must be a Zanzibari design See below...

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