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Originally Posted by fernando
... We may go into the fantasy of the name Calachurro being later changed to Kasthana ... But then, i am potentialy talking nonsense...

Obviously i am talking nonsense. You just reminded us a couple posts ago that the term Kasthana appears in texts since the mid 1550's.
But considering the coexistance of both swords, each one with its purpose ...
Have a (new) look at the sword used at Gannoruwa Battle by King Rajasinghe II, back in 1638. Practicaly no decorations, no 'false quillons', a reasonably wide and sharp edged blade ...
Its total length is 62.02 cm.
Joćo Ribeiro mentions that the calachurro was two and half palms long (55 cms.); he might wish to exclude that it wasn't six whole palms (66 cms.).
May we admit that by 1638 the Kasthana was already and only a rank adornment.
King Rajasinghe would then need a more operational sword to go to war.
Could this be a Calachurro ?

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