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Originally Posted by Prasanna Weerakkody
... according to the other report (appr. 1687) the gifts presented to the Portuguese court consisted of a crown set with gems and a statue of massive gold representing Dharmapala (then about three years old) in natural height. after the fief -oath in effigy had been taken on behalf of this prince, Don Juan III of Portugal crowned the statue as a sign of acknowledgement of the succession to the throne” ...

So is the version narrated by Father Fernão Queiroz in his manuscript.

Originally Posted by Prasanna Weerakkody
... yet no Kasthana swords can be observed in the collection depicted. even the royal sword used by King Buwanekabahu in his coronation seem to be a double edged blade of the common gladius type weapon of the time but longer. But it must be noted that the earliest specifically datable Kasthana swords are linked to the Mulleriyawela battle in 1559. ...

Still Alain Manneson Mallet in 'de l'Asie' section of his work dated 1683, depicts the King of Ceylon with a sword in nothing similar to a Kasthana; this considering that Khastanas belonged in the attire of Sinhalese novelty. Naturaly the author may be drawing the sword from his free mind, but when one looks at the depictions of Portuguese and Spanish Kings, details look pretty faithful.

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