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Fernando, yes both caskets are included in the catalogue I copied the images from. I forgot to mention that it was from the second one. The image accuracy seem quite good judging from other elements depicted. so swords are also most probably accurate. In the second image at the top (plate 18) there are two panels in the upper row that depict gladiators. one pair carry a curious double curved sword and a strange plate like object instead of a shield. the swords in the second set seem straight and thin - sort of like rapiers and rather diminutive shields….

Ibrahiim- though there are many claims that Angam arts go back to Antiquity it is not based on solid evidence. no doubt there were fighting arts though time but the Angam in its present form can only be dated reliably to the 16th century.

For me the absence of Kasthana in these significant records (on the caskets) of the time in question signal the probable upper limit of time where Kasthana can be taken to. It must also be noted that almost all early Kasthana swords are associated with gifts by King Rajasinghhe I. of Sithawaka who was the rival to King Dom Juan Dharmapala of Kotte who was the vassal king to the Portuguese.

The images depicted on the casket were historic events contemporary with the item and the artist. they depict kings and not Gods so there is no reason to portray “older” types of arms on this. though on some other references found among temple art it may be true.


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